About Vinearia:
Vinearia – for wine travellers is a boutique sized company, founded and directed by Barbara Cardi, planner of wine itineraries in Piedmont, where the company is based, in Lombardy, Riviera Ligure, Trentino, Veneto, Marche, Tuscany, Abruzzi and Lazio.

The excellence of our
no standard tours is given by four great strenghts:

Our capacity to understand needs and interests of our guests and to tailor up for them fitting solutions.

Our selection of worldwide celebrated Italian wine makers – ranging from the artisans to the industries of wine, whether they are pathfinders or traditionalists of the Italian wineproduction.

Our selection of accommodations: hotels de charme, villas, country houses, wonderful mansions finely restored and elegantly furnitured.

Our selection of restaurants: sanctuaries of the Italian Food Valley where to taste the creative interpretations of the most awarded Italian chefs.

About Barbara Cardi:
A degree in Foreign Languages and Literature, after several year spent in theatre management, turned her interest to the natural stage of Man and Nature’ s dialogue. She started her activity in making wine itineraries in ’99, at the dawn of wine touring business in Piedmont, and after 8 years of planning tours, discovering places, meeting people from all over the world, managing the unexpected….well, you can sleep very quiet nights in your room of the many outstanding lodgings she selected.